SAMSUNG CSCEmily was born and raised in Columbus, Ohio where she fell in love with dance, drawing, writing, and hummus. It was in Dayton, Ohio where she attended college that she fell in love with wine, choreographing, and learning about social injustices. At the University of Dayton Emily studied Graphic Design, Fine Arts, taught dance classes, and was head of the UD Dance Team. After graduating, Emily moved back to Columbus. She is a Graphic Designer for 49, dancer in New Vision Dance Co., member of Columbus Editorial Society, and writer for Whine Night. When Emily isn’t partaking in one of those activities, you can find her painting, working out, or strutting around the dance floor of anywhere playing EDM music. Emily is so excited to see where Whine Night goes and enjoys everything involved with having this blog: writing whatever is on her mind, reading Abigail’s posts, making connections with people who want to guest write, and sparking deeper conversations with people. Hope you enjoy it too, cheers!


Abigail is a freelance writer and yoga instructor who now lives in Washington, DC. She is currently interning with The Mindfulness Center, where she is doing research on the effectiveness of mindfulness and meditation therapy. She holds a BA in Psychology from The Ohio State University, and hopes to later start a business in health & wellness consulting. In her free time, she loves to explore art museums, take dance classes, read Emily’s posts, and experiment in the kitchen. On the weekends, you will most likely find her brunching it up at Chadwick’s in Alexandria or binge watching reruns of The Office.


Abigail and Emily met in January 2016 when they both joined Seven Dance Company to be a part of their “Song of the Stars” production. After realizing their shared love for dance and music, they quickly became inseparable. They are currently braving the rough waters of long-distance friendship, but thankfully they still have plenty of FaceTime double dates with their lovers, Ben and Jerry.


Peace, love, and wine,

Abi & Em ❤