You Are Art

Exactly one week ago I was standing in the audience of a local arts showcase and was spellbound as I listened to the artist Vye (Deja Goode) perform her new spoken word piece, “You Are Art.” As a dancer, I immediately felt in my body that it was begging to be danced to. I also knew that the words were an exact embodiment of the message that I wanted to send through Willow Layne (the new online lingerie boutique I just launched). I want women everywhere to know that they are art, and that no matter what struggles they may have been through, their scars and their flaws are what make them masterpieces.

Little did I know that my friend, Emily Whitacre, who was another performer in the showcase, was actually backstage also imagining a dance put to that very piece. She told me this two days ago and so it is now officially confirmed that this collaboration was, in fact, fate 🙂

Immediately after the show, I talked to Vye and Emily about doing a collaboration and making a short music video to promote Willow Layne. They were both on board, so the next day I started browsing the web for videographers. I finally found Koishik Ahmmad, who turned out to be the absolute best videographer and director I could have ever asked for. I was shocked when he said that he was ready to film that coming weekend, and so I called Emily to get everything in place.

After finding the perfect film location at Scioto Audubon Park, we all met bright and early at 7am on Saturday morning. We couldn’t have asked for a more magical sunrise, and were in awe with how all of the takes were turning out. And there was just something extra special about hearing “You Are Art” playing on repeat. Also, shoutout to the cop that let us keep filming with the drone even though they weren’t allowed in the park. Haha.

It truly was a collaboration of Ohio artists, and it all came together in exactly one week. The reason we’re premiering it today, however, is because this week is National Suicide Prevention Week and we want this video to be a reminder that no matter what you have gone through and no matter what your past, you are beautiful and you are art. Stay.

Here at Willow Layne, we want to help people realize that human beauty comes not from a place of superficial manmade standards, but rather from a place of raw, real humanness that cannot be manufactured, duplicated, or branded. It comes from a place of our deepest fears, pains, and scars, but also our joys. It is our shared humanness, but also our indefinite uniqueness. It is this wonderful, tragic paradox called life.

While most lingerie brands present you with smiling, identically sized, and hyper-sexualized models, Willow Layne wants to bring you something real, something raw. We want to show you that what makes women beautiful and sexy is not so much about what is on the outside, but rather what is on the inside. It is their flaws, their imperfections, their pasts, and their scars. It is the fact that despite the hell that society has put them through, they have still managed to come out stronger. And their future is oh-so-bright. Enjoy

peace, love, and wine…

abi ❤

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