My Brain Needs to Chill

From the outside, it seems that my brain probably looks like this:



When in reality, most of the time my brain looks like this:



I’ve started to catch on to what my brain needs to calm itself down.

Sometimes I need a really hard work out. I love going to Orange Theory because it kicks my booty and also makes it look great 0:) I only pay for four classes a month. This is because I like to change up where/how I exercise, it’s slightly expensive, and I don’t want to lose weight. Orange Theory focuses mainly on weight loss, which isn’t a goal of mine. I just love to be away from my phone for an hour with the only thing on my mind being surviving the mild torture.

When I don’t feel like dying at Orange Theory, I’ll run outside or on a treadmill. This is better for when I want a quick workout and don’t have the desire to drive anywhere. Running isn’t my favorite activity, but there more I do it, the easier it becomes, which makes me like it more. Exercising helps reduce my anxiety and ibs symptoms. Anything is worth making those two evils rid themselves of me.

Last week I signed up for two weeks of unlimited yoga. I was using the Headspace App to dabble in meditation, and found that the Vinyasa class I tried reminded me of what I’d learned about meditation from Headspace, plus added the stretching element. It may seem obvious to people that know about yoga, but I didn’t realize that there could be a connection between meditating and stretching. As a dancer, stretching has always been about pushing yourself to get more flexible. It was usually very painful and my teachers would physically push us in our stretches to feel them more. With yoga, the teachers are all, “listen to your body” and “rest if you need to.” WHAT ! Stretching to make me feel good without the pressure of having my leg by my face ?? Yes plzzzzz. Although I won’t be continuing my membership after my two weeks (can’t afford Orange Theory and yoga.. maybe one day when I’m successful AF), I’m definitely going to use what I’ve learned to continue practicing on my own.


If you feel as though your mind needs relief in a way it’s currently not receiving, I recommend searching for the therapy you need. Take trial classes, ask for recommendations, crawl to the gym… whatever you need to do. A healthy mind is very important. In fact healthy minds would solve a lot of problems in the world… like ISIS needs to calm the f down and roll out some yoga mats.

and on that note





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