Current Politically Charged Artists

Having a voice in society is hard. Not everyone will agree with you and you will inevitably get some negativity in return for your honesty. Having a blog has made me experience it on the smallest of scales, and it makes me respect successful people so much more. No matter who they are or what they’re successful for, people hate them. It may seem like a harsh word, but it’s true. We’ve all seen what horrible things people say about celebrities. They’re always looking for something to hate on.


I heard someone say that they hate when artists make their political views known. “Stick to singing,” she said as a celebrity made an awesome political speech at an award show. I had no idea how to make a kind comment to that, so I stayed quiet… Maybe it was because I agreed with the singer that I was so offended, but I like to think that I’d be okay with one of my favorite artists make political comments I don’t agree with because I think they should use their voice to their full advantage… Can’t say that one for sure though… I’ll work on that.


I made a Spotify playlist of some of my favorite politically charged songs from current artists. They talk about race, gun control, stereotyping, violence, equality, and poverty. I made it a collaborative playlist, so feel free to add songs you feel would fit.





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