How Well Do You Know Food?

Okay this is definitely the most random blog post of mine yet, but I’m going to show you two pictures of food and you have to guess what they are. Reading is fun, but sometimes it’s nice to just look at pictures, right? 🙂


  1. Which are sweet potato fries, and which are carrot fries?












Left: Sweet Potato Fries
Right: Carrot Fries




2. Which is a leek, and which is an onion?











Left: Leek
Right: Onion




3. Which is lettuce, and which is cabbage?











Left: Cabbage
Right: Lettuce




4. Which are no bake cookies, and which are meatballs?











Left: Meatballs
Right: No Bake Cookies




5. Which is a cheeseburger, and which is a veggie burger?











Left: Cheeseburger
Right: Veggie Burger




6. Which is a zucchini, and which is a cucumber?











Left: Cucumber
Right: Zucchini




7. Which are McDonald’s fries, and which are Wendy’s?











Left: McDonald’s Fries
Right: Wendy’s Fries




8. Okay last one…

Which one is butter, and which is Donald Trump?

Trump butter.jpg










🙂 Happy Tuesday!
















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