3 Ways I Changed My Routine to Battle My Anxiety


I was hesitant to tell my doctor about my anxiety. It seems like an overused word. But I felt extremely nervous all the time. It felt like I was about to stand in front of 500 people and give a speech. All. The. Time. Besides getting a prescription for anti-anxiety meds, which completely changed my life, I’ve discovered a few simple ways I can make myself even less anxious every day.



Want to make your week 27x better? Meal prep on Sundays.

I’ve been in the habit for a few weeks now to cook two meals on Sundays. Each meal is 5 servings, so I make 10 meals on Sundays to last me the work week. Making less decisions = less anxiety for me. I can go about my week without having to plan every day what I’ll buy or prepare for lunch and dinner. I also only have like 4 recipes that I rotate between. I don’t mind eating the same thing all the time, plus knowing that what I cook will taste good because I’ve made it before, PLUS knowing where everything for that recipe is in the grocery store makes me feel so much better about cooking it. Trying new recipes = stressful. Finding new ingredients in Kroger = stressful. I know I should push myself out of my comfort zone…. and I do sometimes. But mostly I just stick with my chicken and rice and am content eating that every week of my life 🙂

This point can be put in the more broad category of “make less decisions.” Obama told Vanity Fair:

“You’ll see I wear only gray or blue suits,” [Obama] said. “I’m trying to pare down decisions. I don’t want to make decisions about what I’m eating or wearing. Because I have too many other decisions to make.”

-Barack Obama

Whether it’s what you’re eating, wearing, or doing, reduce the amount of unnecessary decisions you have to make in a day so you can focus on the important ones.




Take the time to change whatever settings on your phone you can to reduce stress and anxiety in your day.


Email notifications are always something that trigger stress in my life. I am only subscribed to emails that I really need/want to be and don’t have notifications for new emails turned on. I only see new emails if I click on my mail app. If you receive 712 emails from several stores you shop at once a year, maybe you should hit that unsubscribe button. If it doesn’t bother you and you enjoy receiving them, then by all means let those promos flood your inbox. I also don’t have Facebook on my phone and don’t have push notifications on for Instagram. These keeps me from seeing a message asking for something that will trigger any anxiousness in me. I like to choose when I see those messages, not let them pop up at any moment in my day.




If there is one thing that consistently helps my anxiety, it’s exercise.

I wish I could say just a brisk walk for 12 minutes a day did the trick, but I need intense, sweat-dripping, water-chugging, muscle-screaming workouts. And ideally I need it every day. I read a lot about relaxation and meditation helping with anxiety, but those things don’t help me until I’ve had a seriously booty-kicking workout first. I honestly don’t know much about meditation, but hear nothing but amazing things about it so it’s definitely something I plan on adding to my daily routine of battling anxiety.


Whatever you need to do to make your daily routine less stressful, whether you have anxiety or not, do it. Notice what makes your day stressful. Is it your phone buzzing to tell you there’s a 40% off sale at Aeropostale? Is it work or something inevitable that would be improved by going to the gym? Is it all the decisions you have to make on a daily basis? Cater your routine to you. Make the changes to make your day more enjoyable.




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