Keep Your Word



Technology is making us a holes. We are able to cancel plans in seconds by just sending a text. Before cell phones, you’d have to call up whoever you had plans with and say your BS excuse to them over the phone. Much less cowardly. And if they didn’t answer, you’d have to go do whatever you said you would. Unless you would just stand them up, but I’m going to assume you wouldn’t do that to someone. And before phones I don’t even know how anyone made plans… via hand written letters? Can you imagine? The inefficiency of that is overwhelming me just thinking about it. It’d be like a texting convo, but with days in-between each response.


My mom always made it a high importance for me to keep my word. If I said I was going to do something, I had to do it. And if I did HAVE to cancel, I would call up whoever and let them know. But I’m a people pleaser so on I went to do whatever I didn’t really want to do. And the majority of the time I had a blast once I was there.


I try my best to maintain my word. It can be sooooo hardddd when those plans you made three weeks ago approach and it’s a cold, rainy day and you’re in your pjs and don’t feel like doing anything social. If you really need the personal time, by all means take it, but if you’re just being a bad friend, get the f off your coach, blast some Rihanna, and get your booty to wherever you promised it would be. To me, a plan is a promise. You’re saying you will be somewhere at a certain time. I will clear my schedule for you and amp myself all day to see you. You better freaking be there.


Also, when you say “we should hang out soon!” MEAN IT! Make those plans. And if you don’t actually want to hang out that person, you have no obligation to say “we should hang out soon” or any related words. But if you speak that sentence to me, you know I’ll be hitting you up soon to make those plans.


Another thing that drives me nuts (lol) is people who see what plans are the coolest before committing to someone. I had many “friends” in college who would do this to me. I’d invite them to do something, and they’d tell me they’d “let me know.” AKA they want to weigh out all their options before committing to me.


While technology continues to take over our life more and more, be cautious of its negative impacts on our lives to avoid being an a hole. And if you have to cancel on someone, be the one that reschedules.


Keep your word. Mean what you say. Be nice. That’s it.


Have a great week ❤


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