gifts that give back

Here are a few products I love that not only make great gift ideas but also support companies that are intentionally making the effort to give back. Also, even better, all of these items can be conveniently purchased online (anyone that knows me knows I hate shopping, so when it must be done online is def the way to go)…

Charity Pot Body Lotion


Besides the fact that I am already a HUGE Lush fan, I recently discovered that when you buy their Charity Pot Body Lotion in any size they give 100% of each purchase (yes, you read that right) to environmental conservation, human rights, and animal welfare organizations. With the beautiful smell of rosewood oils and maximum skin hydration, what’s not to love? $8-28 depending on size – buy here!

LSTN Headphones


Made from reclaimed woods, these top-notch headphones feature a smooth, sleek design that gives you the best possible listening experience. In addition, the company partners with the Starkey Hearing Foundation and donates a portion of their proceeds to helping people hear music for the first time. $130 each – buy here!

Bali Bangles


These amazing fair-trade gold bangles are sold by the company 31 Bits, whose mission is to help artisans out of poverty through their fashion and design skills. These particular bangles are handmade by Javanese artisans in Bali. $32 for a set – buy here! 

Enrou Candle


Enrou not only sells quality home goods and gifts from artisans around the world, but they also provide a wide array of educational/financial opportunities for them. Also – fun fact – whenever this candle runs out it turns into a posh decorative bowl. $32 each – buy here!

~ AJS ~

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