I’m Pro-Choice and Pro-Life

Photo by Sahil Sharma


If you were to ask me my stand on abortion, I’d without hesitation say I’m pro-choice.

If you were to ask me if I’m Pro-life I’d say yes.

I am pro-life.




It seems to me that many pro-life supporters are really just pro-birth supporters. They don’t want abortions to happen so much they’re willing to vote for someone who is pro-life, but anti-somanylives. I don’t think I need to explain that much, but I’ll make it more transparent: Trump claims to be pro-life, yet he doesn’t want any muslims coming into the United States. He wants to pass this healthcare plan that will make it difficult for the poor and elderly to receive affordable healthcare. How in the hell is that pro-life???? He wants everyone that gets pregnant to have their babies, but will discriminate against some of those children?


I believe we can be pro-life in other ways besides being against abortion. I believe we can prevent unwanted pregnancies in more big picture ways too. By improving relationships and increasing the respect we have for one another, every relationship will improve. Everything will get better. Every life will benefit.


Relationships and Respect–

By improving the relationships between women and men, we could possibly prevent some unwanted pregnancies. There’s a huge problem with creeps. Women can barely walk down a street without getting laser eyes on their booty and/or cat calls out a window. By reducing the amount of creeps seeing people as someone to sleep with, we can improve the respect we have for each other. There are drunk people out on the prowl every night trying to hook up with someone. There are sober people on the prowl too… but using the classic creepy drunk dude is the easiest example. If we put creepy dudes in their place and stop the amount of guys trying to sleep with every girl they see, maybe they’ll start treating women with respect. They’ll read my blog post on How to Actually Hit on a Girl and it’ll solve everything! (jk, that’d be awesome though). But having more positive relationships between men and women means less nonconsensual sex. It means conversations about whether a girl is on birth control. It means using condoms. It means being upfront about what you want it a relationship or lack thereof and ending ghosting. Better relationships = being pro-life. Better relationships = better families for children to grow up in, planned or not.

Good relationships create positive examples for other people, especially kids. Create a cycle of healthy relationships starting with yourself.


Being accepting of everyone–

Another way to be pro-life is being open-minded. If you have a prejudice against a certain type of person, educate yo self. You just don’t understand that group of people. You need to meet more of those people. Stop your close-minded nonsense. Loving everyone and helping everyone can improve relationships. If you live in a rural area with only racist white folks, maybe you need to plan a trip to a big city. Maybe you need to meet some muslim people and realize how racist the travel ban is.


Think this is getting off topic?


Maybe off the topic of abortions.. but to me it’s all related. It’s all about life. And respecting life.


If you are against abortions, that’s your opinion. But respect everyone. Don’t be pro-life and anti-lotsofthings. Be pro EVERY LIFE. and EVERY LIFE AFTER BIRTH.








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