Spring Clean Your Mind

This time of year in particular, I feel as if everyone is trying to “spring clean” both their homes and their bodies. 10 ways to deep clean your kitchen? Check. Magic diet to get bikini ready in 2 weeks? Check. Needless to say, giving your mental well-being a spring refresher usually gets pushed to the bottom of the seasonal to-do list. So, here are some quick and easy ways to polish up your mind…

  1. Write down 5 of your “top” beliefs. What do believe about life? What does it mean to be “good” or “bad?” What is love? What is a universal truth you hold to be true? Then take that list and really examine why you believe what you believe. Are those “beliefs” simply coming from familial/cultural tradition, or does your inner consciousness really support those beliefs? Think about why you think the way you do, and if there may be any holes or gaps in your reasoning that may be causing your consciousness to suffer. Reason is a gift, so use it.
  2. Meditate for 10 min. each day. You can do more or less, but my general practice is to do a pranayama breathing technique for about 3 min. (alternate nostril breathing) followed by 10 min. of meditation in which I focus solely on introspective awareness (aka what my body feels like on the inside). When you become aware of your very “alive” body that it lying in stillness, you can feel tiny energy vibrations going off constantly, which kind of feels like little tiny champagne bubbles rising up through your body.
  3. Read a challenging book. Not an audiobook or an ebook, but go get a physical, hard-copy of a book (bonus points if from a used bookstore!) that you know will challenge your mind. Take time to learn about philosophy, religion, history, art, the environment, etc. Pick something that you’ve been wanting to learn more about, and challenge yourself to actually go sit down and read it. Believe it or not, the simple act of reading is one of the best ways to increase knowledge, vocabulary, and even your writing skills.
  4. Think before you speak. This may seem like pretty common advice, but the ability to actually process what and why you’re saying what you’re saying is a very rare trait. Think about the intention behind your words, and how it may affect the person you’re speaking to. Always choose love over hate, and kindness over animosity. Stay in the present moment, breathe, and be conscious of your words/actions.
  5. Journal! Either do some free-writing (write down your stream of consciousness) or simply get one of those adult coloring books and doodle. When a pen/pencil is in your hand and you’re allowing your creativity to be consciously unleashed, your mind has limitless potential. So, with pen in hand, go explore the horizons of your consciousness.


In mindful love,

Abi ❤

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