Let Me Call You Out



I’m very motivated by positivity. I get called out all the time in dance rehearsal and am great with the constructive criticism. I don’t like NOT getting feedback. Corrections are how I’ve become a better dancer than I used to be. But when I get positive feedback… oh man. I love it. I get so much energy and excitement to keep working hard. But the only reason I get positive feedback when I do, is because I received corrections and fixed them.

I’m going to sound like a super intense, strict parent who has all of life’s knowledge in this post. I am none of those things and have no such wisdom. I just know that hearing what you don’t want to hear can be exactly what you need to get things done. I want to help you if you’re struggling with one of the things I’m going to call the general public out on. And if you fix your habits taking away from you being great, you’ll receive the positivity that will motivate you to keep going.

We can all be better people if we knock our bad habits. And if we all improve ourself, we improve the world.

So… time to say it like it is.



Don’t complain about a situation you aren’t doing anything to change. If you want a new job, start applying. Don’t complain every day about how it’s “only Tuesday” or “only 2 p.m.” If you can’t wait for the work day to end every day, look for a new job. Don’t settle for something because you aren’t going to do anything to change it.

If you don’t like how you feel like crap during the week and spend your Sundays hungover in bed all day, stop drinking so much. Why do you blackout every single weekend? Get it together. You know you don’t really enjoy how much you drink.

If something has been on your to-do list for months, what are you waiting for?? Get it done. Do it. No more excuses. (So guilty of this one)

If you can’t have dinner with a friend without checking your phone, get your addiction under control. Phone addiction is real and completely embarrassing for humankind.

Going off the last point, if social media is making you depressed, delete that nonsense. Even just deleting it off your phone temporarily can help you refocus. Social media can easily trigger negative emotions like jealousy, anxiety, and loneliness. If these are happening to you, rid yourself of the ridiculousness of social media.

If your significant other treats you poorly, find the strength to break up with them. Think about your long term happiness. You will be better off without them and will be happier in the end. Even if it means a lot of pain now.

Also, if you treat your significant other like dirt, WHY. NO. Break up with them and fix your life. If you’re cheating on them, what are you doing. Don’t let your bad habits hurt other people. 

If your grades are bad, want a promotion at work, have an ambitious fitness goal, bought a guitar that’s been sitting in the corner of your room for 4 months, or can’t make a decent dinner to save your life, do what you need to do. Put in the extra hours. Put in the work it takes to be good.



What is taking away from you being great? Are you lazy, negative, or in denial? What can you make better about yourself? How can you be better?

Figure out who you want to be and make it happen. It doesn’t matter what you want to do as much as it matters WHO YOU WANT TO BE. 



“There are dark shadows on the earth, but its lights are stronger.”

–Charles Dickens

Life can be dark, but there’s no excuse for you to be worse because of it. Always be better and focus on the light.

Let’s all be great, my friends.







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