couch potatoes unite

Ever heard the adage that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness?”… Well, according to some recent research, that saying may not stand the test of time. Here are some pretty darn good reasons to be okay with being a slob every once in awhile…

Be lazy

In a world that’s obsessed with constantly accomplishing, doing, and achieving… there is something pretty powerful about just being okay with doing absolutely nothing. All of you type-A people will probably understand just how hard this can be. Not only is “doing nothing” beneficial to your mental health, but because it lowers your blood pressure it actual benefits your physical health as well (props to the Mayo Clinic for making these great finds). Not saying you shouldn’t exercise, but hey… balance is key.

Don’t make your bed

Yep, you heard me. According to recent research done by Dr. Pretlove at Kingston University, leaving your bed unmade allows approximately 1.5 million dust mites to perish. The mighty mites, which are less than a millimeter long, can’t survive in the dry conditions of an unmade bed. If you make the bed, however, it leaves it warm and moist (trapping in any bodily oils/sweat from the night before)… which makes the mites very happy and, well, alive. Gross? Yes. But I’ll take it.

Don’t wash your hair

This is probably not new news, but I thought it was worth putting on the list. Going a few days without washing your hair lets it accumulate healthy oils that will nourish and strengthen your hair. It even benefits growth and makes it oh-so-shiny. Tresses-chic.

Don’t fall prey to “Decision Fatigue”

Former President Obama knows what’s up. According to an interview he had with Vanity Fair, he avoids this so-called “decision fatigue” by limiting the number of items in his wardrobe (also: yay for minimalism). He said, “You’ll see I wear only gray or blue suits… I’m trying to pare down decisions because I have too many other decisions to make.” When your brain is drained, it’s harder to make effective, productive decisions. So take a second glance at your shopping list (or to-do list) and throw out a few things on there that might not be totally necessary.

Let your kids roll around in the mud

This probably isn’t new news to you, but some recent research from Northwestern University claims that being exposed to common bacteria/microbes as a child may aid in developing “the body’s inflammatory systems, which plays a crucial role in the immune system’s fight against infection” ( Let them play dirty. 

Don’t clean your room

According to recent research by the University of Minnesota, the participants that had cluttered, messy work spaces actually produced more creative, unique, and inventive work than the participants who had clean, organized workspaces. I’m pretty sure that this quote by Einstein sums it up though: “If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?”

Cheers to being messy, happy, and healthy!


One thought on “couch potatoes unite

  1. Wish I would have read your article before I cleaned our room and made the bed!
    Thank you for the fun read. 😃


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