Self-Love: A Practice

Lately, I’ve been working towards harnessing the power of self, MY power of self; a power WE ALL have. I consider myself to be fairly independent and comfortable with being alone; or, at least, more so than others come across to me as being. However, there are still so many situations that I don’t allow myself to experience; primarily, because I don’t want to venture forth, alone. Convincing myself it won’t be as fulfilling, or it won’t be as fun; I won’t be as happy. These thought processes that prevent me, that prevent so many of us, from finding the joy and freedom we seek, are nothing short of a plague. They consume. They grow. They fester. Still, it only takes one courageous leap of self-love; one thought of realization that you are in fact fine, in being alone.

I believe that exploring one’s self in solitude can be one of the purest paths to happiness. In learning to be at peace with an ambient world and self, cohesively, many things are garnered. You can reap and grow your self-reliance, your comfortability of self, your self-confidence, etc. The point is, a large array of things is capable of being gained; while at the same time, there’s seemingly nothing to lose. The biggest loss would be the self-worth corroding barriers our minds fabricate to hold us back; which is, in my opinion, a fantastic thing. It appears we collectively have no issues hibernating alone in our homes’; so why is it that self-love and confidence start to disintegrate, as soon as, we fall under the scrutiny of others?

It’s a mental game.

Do not deprive yourself of joy on behalf of others. Only YOU can give weight and value to the effects of external barriers, on your brain. Also, in my experiences, nobody cares that you are alone. Most likely, nobody even notices. It is okay to love yourself and the way you’d like to spend your time.

Now, like all things, repetition and practice are core components of success. The goal here is self-love; and as alluded to before, is comprised of many things. I’m not talking about always putting yourself first, or growing your infatuation with your ego. I am writing this for the individuals reading who simply want to enjoy more things and experience more things, but don’t have the luxury of enjoying such activities with others; or even simply just want to experience more ‘me time’ and grow within self, on a deeper level. The latter of which is most relevant to my personal journey; although both remain pertinent.

I digress…

Into action.

So, to achieve what it is I have set out to achieve, an implementation of practice has been set into motion. My goal: entering at least one activity or situation I am wishful of engaging in, and doing so by my lonesome, weekly. I strongly urge you to do the same. Such as, seeing a movie you are really intrigued by, ALONE; going out to eat at a restaurant you have been craving, ALONE; taking a walk when in need of some fresh air, ALONE. This list goes on and is ever-changing, per individual. Find something that fits your wants, needs, or desires personally. Your discovery of self should never be dictated by another, but rather, only by your soul. Listen to yourself, love yourself. I urge everyone reading this, even if you feel you aren’t in need, to practice this method of personal growth in understanding. Maybe don’t set a goal of once a week for those of you whom are more reserved, reclusive, or scared; aim for once a month. Even a little bit of effort and action is better than none; for growth, can only come to those who seek…and practice.

Furthermore, document your experiences. Write down the date, activity, your feelings before, your feelings after. Then after growing more comfortable with these practices, start highlighting and aiming for standards of growth that you would love to see in yourself. Pinpoint sects of your inner you that you crave to strengthen.

Engage and be fearless, my friends.


My personal favorite place for solitude.


–King Author

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