I Wanna Do Everything

Time goes by so freakin fast. And I have so much I want to accomplish. Sometimes the first of a new month comes and I look back on the past month and wonder “what did I do in the last 30 days? What did I accomplish?” Being, for lack of a better term, hobby obsessed, I have a lot of things I want to do.


Take more dance classes to improve my technique

Choreograph dope dances and have them professionally filmed

Build muscle and get stronger #gains

Pay off my student loans

Make a bunch of paintings to sell and be in galleries

Write and illustrate a children’s book

Improve my personal website

Take more DJ lessons and open for Columbus DJs

Meet and collaborate with other artists

Design more freelance work

Make more money

Get a hair cut (seriously that’s been on my to do list for months)


HOLY MOLY. (moley ?) These things run through my head daily and it overwhelms me so much. This month I decided to focus on 4 things I want to get done by the end of the month: make a personal website, create a painting I owe a friend, *spoiler alert* design a new Whine Night logo, and design a logo for a coworker’s new business. That is doable in a month. And I’m making great progress on those things. This worked really well for me so I wanted to encourage others to try it.

I saw a lot of people post New Year’s resolutions on Facebook, which I LOVE because improving ourselves = improving the world. But now it’s the end of February and we all need to check ourselves before we stray too far from our goals/wreck ourselves (you can’t not make that reference). I’m a procrastinator/have anxiety and sometimes I just can’t do something. Like really cannot no way in hell nope noooo literally cannot. If you have anxiety too you understand. In a previous post I talked about planning. I talked about making a daily plan with what I want to get done in order to reach my goals. I honestly haven’t done that once in February. I’ve just worked on what I need to when I feel like it. It’s been great. When I don’t feel like working on a logo, I don’t. I love listening to myself <3. This has probably only worked out because there have been super motivated parts of my month too. Like hours of intense focus and drive. Those are THE BEST.

Having a blog makes me feel weird sometimes because I don’t know what I’m doing and don’t always feel qualified to give people advice. I have a racing mind and difficulty putting my thoughts into words so writing is how I get my brain to calm down. This post is different because I would really love to receive advice from all of you. I would like to know if other people have a long list of short and long term goals too and how they make a plan to accomplish them. Comment below or reach out to me directly, I’d love to talk and get some insight from you!


Happy goal-reaching!



Photograph by Sahil Sharma

3 thoughts on “I Wanna Do Everything

  1. SO RELATABLE. My job title needs to be “jack of all trades, master of none”. I think it is a great thing to want to do it all, because it shows your fire – but, I do find myself looking back a few days, weeks, months, years and only recollecting a few big events that occurred. I think not being able to remember all that I have done is why I am hard on myself/don’t give myself enough credit. You should check out this app, 1 Second Everyday. I used it a few years ago. Basically, you record a second of your day, every day, and then you compile it into a long video. When I go back and watch mine, it is crazy how I can remember every. single. day. It helps me balance the negative and positive, and have a greater appreciation of my life. You should definitely check it out – because, one day you will watch it and remember all of the different journeys you embarked on.


  2. Thank you for all this wonderful insight Sahil. I love being able to put myself out there and find people that can relate to how I’m feeling. I’m downloading that app right now !! Can’t wait to use it 🙂


  3. 1.) You need to be realistic on the amount! This is how I go about mine:

    I don’t necessarily think about how many, but more importantly, how each short term goal builds together achieving a long term one! Ugh, I’m gonna say it but “quality over quantity”.

    2.) Of course, don’t be afraid to challenge yourself either.

    Along with writing a short term goal, sometimes I write out any “risks” (putting me outside of my comfort zone) that go along with it. This always helps better prepare myself for when it’s time to accomplish it!

    3.) Set realistic time limits! If you don’t set a date, it won’t get done.

    4.) And if worse comes to worse, expect for change. Life changes happen, allow your goals to shift too! (It’s okay, we’re not perfect)

    I hope you find this helpful.


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