I found love on the metro

Everyone wants love.

Whether or not you’ll admit it, most of us dream about finding our perfect “soul mate” with whom everything will just fall into place and then you’ll proceed to live happily ever after. I feel as if I am constantly “searching” for love, only to come up empty handed. I always end up hurt, frustrated, and back at square one. I always put 100% into any relationship I’m in, and so I simply don’t understand when it’s not reciprocated.

Last week, I was walking through the metro station on my way to work. It wasn’t just any regular day, though. It was one of those shit-meets-the-fan type of mornings where everything that could possibly go wrong does, in fact, go completely wrong. I could literally feel my blood pressure rising as people crowded around me and tried to squeeze onto the train that finally made it to the station after yet another delay due to construction. Between the people cutting in front of me, the body odor, the crying baby (one of my biggest pet peeves in the world… I will be a horrible mother), and the random delays that kept making me later for work, I was feeling anything but love. It’s honestly no surprise given that my life was too full of annoyance, complaining, and fear to have room for anything but annoyance, complaining, and fear. No room for love here. 

Then, it hit me. It was like a tiny little lightbulb went off in my head.

 Abigail, how do you expect to find love when you can’t even manifest it yourself?

My whole perception immediately shifted when I made a conscious effort to view the world through the lens of love. Love isn’t conditional, and it definitely isn’t selective. When you choose to manifest love in your life, you are simultaneously letting it in. It doesn’t matter who does or doesn’t “give” you love when it is practically overflowing within yourself. Everyone has this capacity for love, but we so often let our egos steal the show and distort our perception of reality. Everyone and everything you see around you is love. You simply have to look for it.

After realizing how unlovable I was, I started making a conscious effort to change the way I view the world. Even when people hurt me, I make a conscious choice to love them anyways. I even silently thank them for giving me a chance to practice forgiveness and manifest unconditional love, because that is truly a feeling like no other. I realized that denying them love is the same thing as denying it to myself. After all, whatever we choose to see in the world is only but a reflection of what is inside us. When we choose to see love, we find it within ourselves. 

When we see fear and pain, we feel fear and pain.

When we see love, we feel love.

Consider what the world would look like if we loved President Trump. What if we demonstrated love instead of anger? What if we chose to see the positive characteristics in him instead of all the negative ones? Perhaps it wouldn’t change his mind about anything, but it could sure help heal your heart. To be honest, I don’t think that the angry FB rants are doing much to change his mind anyways. But love? That has power. By healing your own heart, you heal the world around you. 

Perhaps love is more about what we give than what we receive.

For example, what if we showed our dedication to women’s rights by simply being feminists, instead of acting out the role of “angry feminists” that are quick to judge others and point out society’s many forms of sexism, but don’t actually do anything besides criticize? What if, instead, we simply set an example by the way we live? What if we gave of our time and resources to actually be the change we wish to see in the world, instead of preaching about the change we think others should be enacting? What if we chose to replace anger with love? How powerful would that be?

No matter what your past, you have the choice to see and manifest love in this very moment. And that is where you power lies.

Let your life be a love letter to the world.

Much love,

Abigail ❤

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