So it’s Valentine’s Day. I felt like I needed to acknowledge that in my post today. Trying to think of something that I’d enjoy writing, wasn’t sappy, not overdone, and entertaining was difficult to come up with. BUT. I think I thought of a stellar topic:



Flowers kinda smell

This may be very dark, but the smell of some flowers just smell like straight funeral. There’s nothing romantic about getting home and having flowers trigger memories like that. I need flowers that don’t have a smell/strong smell or I can’t handle it. Cacti don’t have a smell! And they’re not at funerals! A win-win. Although now I think I’ll put in my will that I want cacti at my funeral instead of flowers…

Flowers die so fast

A cactus is so easy to take care of and it thrives in your laziness to water it. Flowers just sit there for four minutes and then die. They are definitely beautiful and I have never NOT enjoyed getting flowers, but there’s so much pressure to enjoy these flowers while they’re still alive when you get them. I’m usually gone at least 11 hours out of the day + asleep for 8 = not a lot of time to be enjoying the short life of my flowers. My cacti have been with me for months. Flowers are like a really shitty boyfriend. They’re easy to find, nice to look at, and gone in a couple days. Cacti are here for the long run. They’re beautiful in their own way and they don’t ask for much.

Being different = impressive

Flowers and chocolate are great, but Mr. Romantic, you didn’t spend any time thinking of that gift. Being unique and getting something someone actually wants is always best. The key is to pay attention to what your S.O./friend/Tinder match orders when they go out to eat, picks up at Kroger, snapchats at lunch etc. Then when it’s holiday time, you know what they would appreciate getting.


Well this post wasn’t supposed to be gloomy, but I managed to talk about funerals and dying plants in less than 400 words… Happy Valentine’s Day to everyone I love! Subscribe to Whine Night’s emails so you can get all our posts sent to you!








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