My Daily Routine

A friend sent me a link to the online magazine My Morning Routine. It’s filled with interviews of inspiring people with questions pertaining to what they do to get ready for the day. A lot of these conversations lead into how the rest of their day is spent as well. I loved reading about how much the mornings mean to other people because my love for the morning isn’t usually reciprocated by other people. I didn’t realize others found this time of day to be so sacred to them too.

I wake up at 7:02am Monday–Friday. Why not 7:00am, you ask? I don’t know,  just go with it. I then stare at my phone for a couple minutes to wake up my eyeballs and open Spotify on my phone. I then play whatever I’m currently feeling in the music world and get out of my cozy cocoon. I rarely snooze my alarm. I never feel more rested by pushing my wake up time back by a few minutes, so getting up on the first buzz of my alarm is a habit I take pride it.

I have cereal with berries and a banana every morning and that’s my main motivation for getting out of bed. I don’t have to leave for work until 8:30, so I have plenty of time in the morning to get ready. I take my time doing everything.

I’m very motivated first thing in the morning to do productive tasks that don’t take much brain power or creative juices to do. For example, I like to wash dishes and do laundry in the morning. These things wake me up and help me feel accomplished.

When I get to work, I check my email and get started on urgent tasks. My brain is now fully awake. When I have down time between tasks I read the Skimm and other news articles online. I also look at my planner and make a game plan for the day. I think about what I want to do with down time at work and how I want to spend my time after work and even the next few days after. I’m very focused at work for the first three hours. This is when I like to do things that require lots of brain power. I feel the smartest in these hours. Then I start to get hungry and antsy.

I love taking a lunch break to get my eyes off a screen and talk to my coworkers. In the summer I sit outside and sometimes walk around our pond. Then it’s back to work.

I’m not an afternoon person. People always ask if you’re a morning or night person, but I’m both and not an afternoon person. If work is busy, I have no trouble at all plowing through my tasks, but on slower days it takes extra brain power to read articles, write blog posts, etc.

After dinner I get my second wind. This is my favorite time of day to work out or paint. Since I stare at a screen all day, I prefer doing anything but that for a few hours. I feel a different kind of motivation at night. Doing laundry and dishes sounds absolutely terrible, while in the morning I couldn’t imagine creating a piece of art. After working out or painting, I shower and like to do some doodling in bed, journaling, reading, or freelance work. My eyes can take a little screen time by this point and my creativity is in full force. Plus I work well under pressure, so the desire to go to bed gets me to whip out great designs in a short amount of time at night.

Finding my motivated and unmotivated times of the day has helped me become a more productive and happy person. I am fine leaving dirty dishes in my sink overnight because I’ll be content washing them in the morning. Doing this used to make me feel guilty and I’d be hard on myself for not cleaning up before bed. Discover what works best for you and go with it. And if your motivation comes and goes at different times every day, don’t stick with a schedule! Society tells us to be focused from 9–5, but that isn’t realistic for everyone. Listen to your body and mind.

My morning routine sets the tone for the rest of my day. I find it important to get up and have some time to myself before rushing out the door. Everyone interviewed on My Morning Routine uses the early hours of the day to do what works best for them. For some that means meditating, others exercising, some reading, and many getting work done. They all agree that the morning is important to them. While everyone has different peak times of motivation throughout the day, we all have to get up at some point in the day, so why not make that time special?



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