Letter to my teenage self

Dear Abigail,

You know how they say that you get wiser as you get older? Well, I’ve definitely gotten older, but I’m not so sure about the wiser part. The only thing that I know for sure about life is that I honestly know nothing… and the sooner you figure that out, the better. If pride comes before a fall, then I’d venture to say that staying humble is always a safe bet. So just stick with that. I know you think that life is a big exciting series of choices you get to make, akin to one of those “choose your own adventure” books, but you will soon find out that life is also the result of other people trying to make choices for you.

They will try to tell you what to believe,  what to think, and how to behave. They will even try to take the pen out of your hand and write your story for you.

And you will let them. You will conform, and your dreams will become undistinguishable from the dreams they say you should have.

Stay strong. I know you don’t feel like it, but don’t give in to those voices in your head that tell you to give up and stop fighting. Fight like hell.

You will need that strength, trust me.

I know you think that you have life all figured out, but in an instant everything will fall apart and you’ll be left wondering how to pick up the pieces. How to heal. How to move on.

I wish I could tell you how, but I can’t. I’m still figuring that out… and to be honest I think I always will be.

I wish I could tell you that everything will be okay, but I can’t. Because everything won’t always be okay.  Sometimes you just have to learn to be okay when things are the opposite of okay. Or don’t be okay, and choose to love yourself anyways. That’s just life.

Let yourself fall apart. Let yourself dream big and love even bigger. Let yourself make mistakes, as you will only learn from them.

So enjoy the ride, and don’t take yourself too seriously. Life isn’t about being figured out and analyzed, but simply lived. So go live the heck out of it.

You may not understand this now, but never underestimate the value of loyalty and true friendship. Be loyal to the people you love, and always be there to support them just as they are there to support you. Make sure they know how appreciated and loved they are, and never let those precious few slip out of your life.

People will hurt you, betray you, and use you, but you have the power to choose to never hurt someone else. Your words and actions have far more power than you realize, so be careful that you use them to encourage, love, and empower others. You can’t choose how other people make you feel, but you can choose how you make them feel.

Above all, no matter how many times your heart is broken or friendship betrayed, never stop opening your heart. The ability to love others fully and see the best in them is perhaps the greatest gift you will ever give or receive. I know that you will be tempted to become bitter and lose your spirit of optimism, but stay strong. Never never give up on love.

Be true to yourself, love yourself, and love others.


Your “older” self ❤

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