Vision Boarding 101

Hi friends! This week, I’m going to take you step-by-step through the process of creating a vision board, which is basically a visual portrayal of all your dreams that you wish to see manifested in your life. It is meant to be a source of daily visual inspiration, as well as a way of “asking” the universe for the kind of life you desire to live. It’s kind of similar to a bucket list, but also very different. Whereas a bucket list is a list of things we want to EXPERIENCE in life, a vision board is a visual representation of WHAT WE WANT OUR LIFE TO LOOK LIKE and feel like. I know several life coaches and yogis who strongly attest to the power of their vision boards, and hearing their stories about all the crazy ways that their vision boards actually turned into reality is so incredibly inspiring. I made a vision board back in high school, but the one shown below is one that I made at a vision boarding workshop last week.


STEP #1 —> Get ‘yo supplies

Collect a bunch of magazines (somewhere around 4-8 should be fine, but the more inspo the better!), a glue stick, a pair of scissors, and a poster board (any size you wish).

STEP #2 —> Be inspired

This is the fun part! Browse through your magazines and cut out literally ANYTHING that catches your eye. Words that you are drawn to, pictures that embody your ideal life, patterns that make you happy, etc. Make a big stack of everything you’ve cut out and set it aside.

STEP #3 —> Assemble

Okay I lied… THIS is the fun part. Take all your glorious pictures/words that you’ve cut out and arrange them on your board in any way your heart desires. It doesn’t have to “look” perfectly collaged or anything, just whatever floats your boat. Then take your glue stick and glue everything into place.

STEP #4 —> Meditate

This is hands-down the most important part of vision boarding. Look at your board and really let everything soak in. Don’t think too hard – just let it sink in and then make it your life’s mission to turn that board into your reality. If there’s something that you really want to be manifested in your life, put it on your board! You never know what could happen. Sometimes the first step is to simply ask – and believe that even the impossible can become a reality if you decide to tackle your fears and take tangible steps towards manifesting your dreams. I suggest hanging it up in your room, or somewhere you will see it everyday, so that it can become your visual “mantra.” I also took a pic of mine and then set it as my computer’s desktop background.


That’s it! If you post a pic of your vision board to Insta, FB, or Twitter (and tag us @whinenightblog), then we’ll send you a piece of Palo Santo wood (similar to sage smudge sticks… it is used in several ancient cultures and has cleansing antibacterial properties!). I usually burn some whenever I’m feeling stressed or whenever I’m journaling/meditating. If you’re interested, read this article (click HERE) to learn more about Palo Santo wood and all of its awesome benefits.

Much love,

Abi ❤

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