CLARIFY, Original Spotify Videos

While browsing for music recommendations, I saw a section of Spotify Original Videos. CLARIFY caught my eye. They are videos that were created to inform people of topics that would help voters make a decision for the election, but these topics are still important and relevant. CLARIFY covers topics of gender inequality, healthcare, gun control, climate change, immigration, civil rights, the economy, and student debt.

CLARIFY interviews experts on each of these issues in addition to musicians who are informed about the topics. It’s really cool to hear the stances musicians have on these big life issues. Sometimes I avoid knowing about my favorite musicians’ personal lives and opinions because I don’t want it to influence what I think of their music. This was especially true when I listened to degrading, outrageous rap. I still listen to artists like Dr. Dre every once in a while, but now when I listen to his lyrics I’m like “WHAT DID YOU SAY ABOUT WOMEN ??????” While wondering why my seventeen year old self loved his music.

So I’m afraid of learning about the opinions of artists because it’ll influence what I think of their music, but the opposite scenario is happening. By watching CLAIRFY, I’m learning about the awesome stances musicians have, and then looking up their music and have a positive opinion of them before I even hear their songs. Or if it’s an artist I already know, I love their music even more. Not so scary after all. I just listened to Santigold speak out against gender inequality and why she believes it happens, and now I’m even more about her music! Yesssss Santigold. Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast had a really informative interview about health care, specifically relating to reproductive health care. Definitely about to check out her music now. She touched on the fact that artists or anyone with a following should speak out on issues that are important to them, which is so true. Musicians don’t want to be only seen as musicians. They have the potential to use their influence to create change.

I think we tend to inform ourselves only about topics that relate to us, when really we should make ourselves do the opposite. We are naturally drawn, especially when looking for recommendations, to things we are interested in. No surprises there. But how will we learn and develop new interests, opinions, and passions if we don’t dabble in areas we know nothing about?

I challenge you, as I am also challenging myself, to learn about more topics you are uninformed on. ALL the issues CLARIFY covers affects EVERYONE. They are things we should know about and take a stance on always, not just in November every four years.


Happy watching !



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