End of Month of Merry

Last month I wrote about a challenge I was taking on to complete one good act per day. I know a few of my friends printed out the ideas document I created along with me. I still have to check in on how my friends did, but I can say I did/am not killin it. Most days I just take something I did and make it into a good act. For example, I went out to eat a lot so I counted those as supporting local restaurants. I did put on my ideas list to support local restaurants, but after using that as an excuse to not go out of my way to do a kind act, I realized I wasn’t doing a stellar job at the challenge.

The initial reason for my downfall was traveling to Chicago to visit some friends from college. It was so much fun to see them, but I definitely wasn’t out there doing charitable work. I’m going to finish off these last few days of December and re-challenge myself to complete one kind act per day.

A lot of these kind acts mean I have to talk to strangers, spend my money on others, and say no to plans in order to work on a skill or activity that would improve myself. If you know me you know I struggle with all of these things. I’m not super outgoing, a little stingy (hey rent for a one bedroom apartment isn’t cheap), and struggle with saying no to people (yes I just wrote a blog post about being better at this, but I’m not perfect at it yet!).

I don’t want it to seem like I have everything together because I’m writing blog posts about helping others, helping yourself, unhealthy relationships etc.. truth is, I write about things I want to improve about myself. I want to help others, help myself, and not get tangled in a bad relationship again. Everything on the ideas for kind acts for yourself are things I want to do for myself: set goals, exercise more, work on useful skills, read, clean… Am I selfish? Or is that okay?

Abigail and I started this blog as an outlet for all our frustrations. We definitely come off as positive people and maybe even like we have it all together, but fear not: bloggers, they’re just like you! We whine about social injustices, yell about guys mistreating us, post our opinions publicly, hate the backlash we get for posting our opinions publicly, and then write blog posts about being happy rays of sunshine… we are clearly not always rays of sunshine. And we’re trying to figure out how to live our best lives and help others and complete kind acts regularly and not just in December (not that I did much of that anyway). Abigail and I definitely like to focus on the positive and don’t want every post to be emo and depressing, but maybe a few real posts about not doing so well are necessary to  ensure we are still the frustrated feminists that started this blog.

As we are trying to make Whine Night big through social media, word of mouth, and our posts, I want us to stay true to who we are. I made a challenge and totally failed at it. Not that I was mean or didn’t do ANY kind acts in December, but I only crossed off a few on my two page list of kind acts I wanted to complete.

I’d love to hear how everyone else did on their Month of Merry challenge. I wanted to be completely honest with how it went for me and how I’m feeling right now.


Hope everyone had a great Christmas/ whatever you celebrate and have a fun New Year’s !




One thought on “End of Month of Merry

  1. Thanks for your honesty! We are all “works in progress” so don’t be so hard on yourself! You can take this December challenge and continue with it into January and beyond. It’s great to think of others, to be helpful, and kind.

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