We Need YOU to Write for Whine Night

Abigail and I originally were trying to have a guest writer every Sunday, but when that was too difficult we decided on every other Sunday, and now it’s been two weeks and two days since our last guest post… oops. Hopefully we will have a guest every Sunday in no time, but for now we are finding ourselves convincing our best friends to write for us and giving them pep talks before submitting their work. I was surprised and a little glad other people felt the same nerves with writing for a blog. I get nervous for pretty much everything so to know other people were a little scared to share their work was pretty reassuring.

When you can write about anything… what do you write about? I believe everyone has something to offer to this blog because we all have gone through different experiences, have different talents and interests, and would even write about the exact same topic differently.

I am guilty of Googling “blog post ideas” multiple times. There are many, many lists. I’m going to throw out a bunch of ideas in hopes that you will be inspired A F and consider writing for our blog.


a scary experience

a life-changing experience

something you love to do

a DIY craft

a recipe


what you want to do in the future

regrets of the past

advice to a younger audience

how to do something you’re good at

a book you like

the music you listen to

a social issue you’re passionate about

you’re favorite restaurants where you live

a trip you’ve been on

the highlights of your year

self-help tips

outfit inspiration

your favorite social media accounts to follow

a family tradition

something you need advice from others on

a skill you want to pick up



Hopefully this sparked some ideas in your head! I know it’s scary to put personal work out there, but I’ve learned that being more open and vulnerable is the way to connect with others on a deeper level. Happy writing, friends!





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