Water On the Rocks, Please

I’m going to look like such a hypocrite with this blog post, but the truth is…

I haven’t drank in seven weeks.

Yes, this includes wine.

It was all for health reasons, but has positively affected me in other unexpected ways.

I feel better.

This isn’t an earth shattering finding, but not drinking for seven weeks means I also haven’t been hungover in seven weeks. I don’t sleep as well when I have been out drinking a lot, I don’t wake up motivated, I sometimes have regrets about how much I drank, and the typical hangover symptoms like headaches and stomachaches pop up to say hello as well. My hangovers are rarely unbearable, but I feel very tired and my mind is cloudy. I’ve learned this can affect me for days. Since stopping drinking, I’m more focused and energized every day of the week. I don’t need caffeine or naps to get me through the day. I only expected to notice the effects of cutting out alcohol on the weekends when I was typically drinking heavily, but these changes are noticeably affecting my health every day of my week.

I spend my time more wisely.

I enjoy going to concerts, meeting up with friends, checking out new bars, leaving my one bedroom apartment to go be around other people, and to be honest, drinking. I love wine and beer and gin and everything besides jäger and a couple other things that make me gag just typing. I have still gone to many concerts sober, met up with friends are gotten a water, and resisted the urge to give in and “just have one drink” many times. I definitely still have a good time, especially once I get out of the awkward “why aren’t you drinking” conversation. Going out is not a waste of time. Being a blob the next day is. I no longer blob around because I’m hungover. If I’m blobbing around it’s because I killed my day by being productive A F. I feel better therefore I can be more productive and I’m more productive, which makes me feel better.

I’ve saved money.

Even when I was a poor college student I managed to get turnt on the weekends. And by the weekends I mean Wednesday – Sunday. I didn’t treat my body so well in college, but that’s another story. My point is, it isn’t that difficult to get drunk off a little money if you know how to work your dimple and have great dance moves (check and check). But F gender stereotypes, I buy my own drinks. And I don’t want to feel obligated to talk to Steven in the ugly button up and cargo shorts all night cause he bought me a watered down rum and coke. Sorry Steven. Anyways, if you are buying your drinks, alcohol prices add up. No surprises there. And in addition to late night drinking are late night uber rides with 3.8x surge prices that make you wish you were sober enough to drive home. Welp, I have been sober enough. Not paying for alcohol and ubers have added up to a nice little extra cushion in my wallet.


I’m not giving up alcohol. I love it in small amounts and am excited to start my weekly wine tastings back up. I needed to completely cut alcohol out of my life in order to know how to only have it in my life a little. I’ve seen how the two extremes have affected my life and am ready to meet in the middle. Well, a little more toward the 0 drinks per week than what I consumed in college.


I know Abbie’s going to laugh when she sees I’m writing about being sober a few days after she posted about being a wine snob, but I also know she has supported me through my brief sober journey. And all my friends have! I mean no one can deny that heavy drinking isn’t healthy, and that’s how I sum up the reasons why I quit. Although Sober Sally may soon be off duty for a while, I’m excited to take what I’ve learned from this experience and not be the hungover hooligan that was making too frequent of an appearance on the weekends.


Please comment any thoughts, ideas, or questions you have, especially if you have gone through/are going through a similar experience! I’d love to hear from you.

Happy responsible drinking, friends.





2 thoughts on “Water On the Rocks, Please

  1. Love this! I can’t drink right now cause I’m trying to heal health issues, and I agree with you 100%. While I miss the social aspect, my body and wallet feels MUCH better! Going to start saying water on the rocks with more confidence now thanks to this!

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  2. Enjoyed your honesty and transparency in this article. Thank you for sharing some wonderful life lessons that you have learned and hopefully we can learn from you in whatever areas we are going through. We all have those areas!!:).
    Thank you again for sharing your heart and life lessons with all of us❤️

    Liked by 1 person

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