The Power of Positive News

Hi everyone! In the spirit of the holiday season, I wanted to share some of my favorite “positive” news outlets. With all of the negative news that has been circulating the past few weeks, I feel as though we could all use a healthy dose of good news!  So, here are my top five “go-to” sources for happy happenings in the world:


Upworthy aims not only to inspire its readers, but also to make them aware of issues that aren’t typically promoted. Their mission is to tell stories that bring people together — because we’re all part of the same story.

Good News Network

The mission of Good News Network (GNN) is to provide readers with a “daily dose of news to enthuse.” This is a great daily source of exclusively good news. Its inspiring stories and images from around the world will make you feel uplifted, optimistic, and positive about life.

Sunny Skyz

Sunny Skyz promotes only positive, upbeat media. Get your daily dose of good news, inspiring stories, pictures, videos and more!

Good News, Pakistan Edition

Based in Pakistan, the Good News aims to share positive news stories about a country that Americans rarely hear good news about. For example, did you know that Pakistani squash players have won the British Open 12 times – the most by any nation?

The Skimm

While The Skimm does not necessarily fall under the category of positive news, it’s chatty tone and quick summaries of daily happenings is sure to draw you in. I have it delivered directly to my email inbox every morning, and I think it’s a great way to stay informed without making a huge time commitment.


Much Love,

Abigail ❤

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